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Go North University  Of China        Welcome


On behalf of more than 35 000 staff and students at North University of China (NUC), I express my best wishes and gratitude to all our friends, home and abroad, for your interest in the development of NUC.




Since its foundation in 1941, blessed with abundant educational resources and situated on a beautiful campus, NUC has continued to invite and welcome new challenges.  As you learn more about NUC, you will find that we have dedicated ourselves to the cause of nurturing human spirit, daring and innovative, through the past 69 glorious years, and will carry it into the future. Imbued with these qualities, each successive generation of NUC graduates throw themselves into every trade, devoted to the cause of human progress.




As knowledge acquisition and intellectual pursuit define the 21st century, North University of China is determined to enhance its teaching and research facilities. Our fully integrated         Technology Park will foster more highly skilled professionals to meet the requirements of rapid development in a complex and competitive society.

You are welcome here anytime!







Dr. Xiong Jijun